Villa Kornati is located in a small Dalmatian town Ždrelac on the island of Pašman. The holiday house of the Srebačić family consists of six apartments for a family vacation in summer.

The distinguishing features of the apartments are the exceptional cleanliness, great location and reasonable prices. Each apartment has air conditioning, TV and satellite TV, a terrace and a free parking space. A large grill is available to all guests. All this is included in the price with no additional costs for guests. There is always someone from the Srebačić family in the house and at your disposal (Villa Kornati has eight apartments but two are occupied by the hosts).

The smallest and most attractive to many couples is the studio apartment (Apartment A7), while the largest apartment is Apartment A8 which has three double-bed bedrooms. There are also apartments A2, A3, A5 and A6 which provide a comfortable summer accommodation for two to four persons and are usually chosen by families. See details about each of them and choose your accommodation.

Ždrelac, the island of Pašman

Ždrelac is a small Dalmatian town, ideal for summer vacation and pleasant family gatherings. Although, as we learn from the official website, Ždrelac is the largest town on the island of Pašman!

Many of those who know the old part of Ždrelac are unfamiliar with the newly built part, so-called Novi Ždrelac (New Ždrelac). Villa Kornati is located in the old part, closer to the centre and is thus even more connected with the spirit and life of this little town.

The island of Pašman covers an area of ​​60 km2 and is separated from the mainland by the Pašman Channel in which there are many picturesque islands resembling scattered pearls. Ferry lines Biograd–Tkon and Zadar–Preko (on the island of Ugljen) connect it to the mainland and a bridge connects it to the island of Ugljen. The two islands are similar in terms of vegetation. Sea currents in the Pašman Channel change their direction every six hours thus making this area one of the cleanest in the Adriatic. Find out about the next ferry to Biograd or Zadar – Jadolinija’s timetable.

The bridge between the islands of Pašman and Ugljan. Photo by: Pašman Tourist Board

Ždrelac has an excellent position that allows our guests to be “halfway through” and to enjoy the bays, places and sites of both these beautiful Dalmatian islands.

The nearest airport is in Zadar. The Zadar region is surrounded by as many as five national parks: Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvice Lakes, Krka and Northern Velebit. All national parks can be reached in just one to two hours by car or boat. The town of Ždrelac is actually at the entrance to Telaščica Nature Park and Kornati National Park (that is why we named our holiday house Villa Kornati). The Franciscan monastery of St. Dujam in Kraj and the Benedictine monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian on the hill Ćokovac near Tkon are definitely worth visiting. But what is most beautiful about these islands is the connection with nature. There are numerous beaches, coves and possibilities for recreation.

There are two bike trails on the island of Pašman. Both islands are rich in vegetation and are also interesting for hiking or trekking (škraping).

The view of Kornati from St. Mihovil’s fortress

The hosts, brothers Davor and Goran Srebačić will certainly have more information about this topic because they themselves have experienced the islands through hiking. One of the interesting destinations, they say, is the medieval fortress of St. Mihovil on the hill of the same name (265 m) above the town of Preko on the island of Ugljan. It was built by the Republic of Venice in the 13th century. It offers a splendid view of the city of Zadar, more than 200 islands of the Zadar archipelago and Kornati National Park.

If you want to visit Kornati, Davor knows more about how and with whom!

Villa Kornati is a few minutes’ walk from the Matlovac beach

Matlovac beach – shade under pine trees, soft sand in the sea

Villa Kornati is just five minutes’ walk from the centre of Ždrelac. In the centre there is a well-stocked grocery store, bakery, two excellent stalls with fruit, vegetable and local products such as olive oil, and frequently fresh fish. Furthermore, there is a restaurant and cafe Dišpet providing evening entertainment (DJ, bands). Not far from the centre there is also an excellent restaurant, Riva, and pizzeria Maslina. The church, port and the post office are also located in the centre.

Beach volleyball – for an active vacation on the Matlovac beach

Apart from peace and fresh air, the sandy beach Matlovac is another treasure this little town offers. The beach is shallow, clean and surrounded by pine forest. It is especially suited for children.

Although many people enjoy the beach in the town centre, we recommend to explore the Matlovac beach which is a well-kept local beach and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on both islands (Pašman and Ugljan). It is only a few minutes’ walk from our apartments. There are two cafes on the beach, one of them offers delicious fast food. There is also entertainment such as trampoline for children and a court for beach volleyball (volleyball photo and video: Ždrelac Tourist Board).

See the exact location of Villa Kornati on the map. Book accommodation in one of the apartments of Villa Kornati and spend your summer vacation in Ždrelac!